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Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

The Hispanic and Latino populations are among the fastest growing in the United States. The Local Government Hispanic Network (LGHN) is the leading organization for the development of public service professionals at the local level. LGHN serves as a bridge between professional managers and communities to create programs and services to address issues critical to the Hispanic/Latino population and improve overall quality of life.

LGHN invites you to become a corporate sponsor, providing critical resources to assist LGHN in addressing the most pressing problems in Hispanic/Latino communities. Current and future leaders will have to address real issues that impact real people. LGHN provides education assistance, training, ongoing coaching, support for community engagement to enrich the quality of life of Hispanic/Latino populations.

LGHN offers opportunities for organizations to support effective leadership in public service while gaining access and exposure to decision-makers and showcasing corporate assets that can assist in meeting the diverse needs of these growing community populations.

Sponsors may contribute to general support of LGHN or dedicate contributions to the specific program areas below.  For major events, local LGHN chapters may conduct fund raising for additional support.  Sponsors will be prominently recognized on the LGHN website for their level of contribution.

Sponsorship opportunities:

  • Support LGHN scholarship programs for students, young professionals and middle managers to attend regional and national seminars and conferences where they will have the opportunity to meet with seasoned professionals and mentors. These opportunities will provide the support and encouragement necessary to allow emerging leaders to move into local government leadership positions. Currently, people of color are a significant minority in local government and LGHN is partnering with International City/County Management Association, National Forum for Black Public Administrators, International Network of Asian Pacific Administrators, Women Leading Government, League of Women in Government and state and regional organizations to increase these numbers in the future.
  • Support to “thought leadership labs” at universities for policy research on issues that are important to the quality of life of minority communities and for increasing the number of people of color serving local government communities. These programs are coordinated by and include the involvement of ICMA, LGHN, NFBPA and I-NAPA.
  • Support for development of webinars and other online training programs for greater access to professional development by our members.
  • Support for LGHN membership and chapter development. Membership development is a major focus of each LGHN professional development program, with a goal of increasing membership through personal outreach and networking activities to increase the number of people of color in the local government profession. Additionally, LGHN’s membership structure includes individual, local government and chapter memberships. LGHN’s goal is to work with local government member organizations to transition them to local government/regional chapters.
  • Support for LGHN regional professional development programs to give young professionals and students greater access to professional development programs.
  • Support for the LGHN biennial conference in the Denver metro area in the fall of 2020. Future conference locations are being identified for 2022 and 2024.

Please review the Benefit Levels to see which level is best for your company!


Examples of Sponsorship on LGHN material:

2018 LGHN Program – Phoenix, Arizona

2017 ICMA Dinner

2015 Colorado Regional Conference



Contact information

Please contact Karen Davis, LGHN Executive Director with any questions.