Madrinas y Padrinos

The choice is yours!  Each coach has expertise and knowledge in a variety of areas including public sector management, finance, human resources, economic development, utilities, community engagement, among others.  As an aspiring manager, feel free to contact anyone of our coaches for enlightening discussions on leadership challenges, problematic work situations or best strategies to accelerate your advancement in local government.

Choosing a Padrinos/Madrinas is simple.

  1. Review the Padrinos/Madrinas profiles below.
  2. Select one or two whose career path best suits your goals.
  3. Contact them via email or phone.

It’s easy, it’s confidential, and it’s tailored to you!

Recorded Webinars

Madrinas y Padrinos Program Check-In

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2021-2022 Program Madrinas y Padrinos Kickoff

Recorded Webinar

Layoffs: How to Prepare Yourself and Pick Yourself Up

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