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Padrinos/Madrinas Program

Welcome to the LGHN Padrinos/Madrinas Coaching Program!  The Padrinos/Madrinas Coaching Program builds on the Padrinos/Madrinas tradition in Hispanic/Latino(a) culture.  Padrinos and Madrinas are an extension of family and provide a strong support system for family members.  Extending this concept  to the professional realm, the LGHN Padrinos/Madrinas Program creates the same support system for emerging leaders working in local government.

LGHN is excited to offer seasoned leaders in local government who are committed to assisting emerging leaders who serve diverse populations and supporting the next generation of government innovators.  These one-to-one volunteer coaches are from all disciplines and are available to offer career advancement strategies, solution based discussions, assistance in addressing local challenges faced when serving a diverse community and/or to share their experience and expertise on specific issues.

The volunteer network of leaders is available for a one-time meeting or conversation, periodic discussions, or a continuous coaching relationship; your professional goals drive the coaching process.

Professional Development

The Professional Development programs will focus on providing support for seminars, conferences, webinars, service delivery and community outreach practices, and the Pardinos/ Madrinas coaching program.  Upcoming events and webinars will be posted on this site.

Career Advancement

The Career Advancement programs be focus on working with executive search firms to assist LGHN members advance their careers by providing training on resume writing, interview skills and other skills related increasing competitiveness when applying for leadership positions. Upcoming events and webinars will be posted on this site.

Webinar Series: Local Government Issues and Resources for the COVID-19 Pandemic

When: Apr 9, 2020 10:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Topic: LGHN Presents – Local Government Issues and Resources for the COVID-19 Pandemic


Webinar Series: Harnessing Your Potential

Webinar Series .PDF

Part 1 – Harnessing Your Potential – Preparing for Opportunities Without Knowing the Details.

Part 2 – Part 2: Harnessing Your Potential – I  Spy: Looking for Opportunities in all the Right Places

1/9/20 – Part 3


2/11/20 – Part 4


3/12/20 – Part 5


4/8/20 Part 6


5/14/20 – Part 7


6/9/20 – Part 8


7/9/20- Part 9


Webinars Archive

  1. Moving up the Ladder Without Burning Bridges
  2. Chess Skills to Interview Like a Grand Master  (View Interviewing Skills PowerPoint) & (View SGR Resources For Candidates)

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