Dave Mora

Dave Mora

Dave Mora retired from active management in 2008 after working 36 years in California local government, the final 18 as City Manager of Salinas, CA. During his thirty-six years of service, Dave served as; Town Manager of Los Gatos, CA, City Manager of Oxnard, CA and in various management positions with the City of Santa Barbara, CA.

Dave was ICMA West Coast Regional Director for 2 1/2 years after retiring from Salinas. He is a former League of California Cities City Managers Department President, IHN President, ICMA Board Member, ICMA President, and ICMA- RC Chair. Currently, he is serving his final year on the ICMA-RC Board and on the Vantagepoint Mutual Funds Board. He also serves as an ICMA Senior Advisor and Range Rider from home in Salinas.

Hobbies include jogging, bicycling, and hiking.

He completed undergraduate studies at California State University Los Angeles, graduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh, and is an ICMA Credentialed Manager.


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Dave Mora
Retired City Manager