LGHN is seeking volunteers to serve on committees that focus on activities that further the LGHN mission.  Any LGHN member may serve on a committee.  Committees provide networking opportunities, skill development that enhances experience and opportunity to serve on the LGHN board of directors, and the opportunity to work in other ICMA affiliates including NFBPA, Women Leading Government and many other organizations. Please contact the chair or co-chair if you would like to serve in any capacity. You may also contact Karen Davis at or (408) 221 – 8458.

Working Committees

Communications Committee

The committee promotes the organization through various outreach efforts, including social media, internet and printed publications; assists with the development of promotional brochures and other media to market LGHN; prepares routine communications to the membership; monitors and updates website with current information; works with other committees to develop enhancements to the website; and coordinates articles for ICMA newsletter and PM Magazine and other national publications.

Co-Chair Angelita Palma, Community Development Specialist, City if National City, CA
Co-Chair Gabriel Rodriguez, Cultural Affairs Liaison, Adams County, CO

Regular standing conference calls: Quarterly, 4th Monday of the Month, 9:30 AM PST

**Subcommittees will meet monthly on the same day and time above or as needed on projects/programs**


Fund Development & Legacy Council

The Immediate Past President chairs the committee. The committee assists with formulating and implementing organizational income strategies to support regional events; national conferences and events, including the annual dinner at the ICMA conference; scholarships/stipends to assist young professionals attend regional and national events; and LGHN operations.  The committee assists in identifying potential sponsors, with staff providing specific follow-up.

Chair Magda A. González, City Manager, City of Half Moon Bay, CA


Membership Committee

The Vice President for Membership chairs the committee.  The committee develops an annual strategy for individual and institutional membership recruitment and renewals; currently developing a process for creating formal LGHN chapters; creating a strategy to expand the number of LGHN chapters in all regions; and recommends annual dues structure to the LGHN Board of Directors.

Chair Raymond H. Gonzales, County Manager, Adams County, CO

Regular standing conference calls: Quarterly, 3rd Wednesday of the Month, 11:30 AM PST

** Subcommittees will meet as needed on projects/programs **


Programs & Conference Planning Committee

The Vice President for Programs chairs the committee.  The committee provides for professional development, including support in the development of regional/national events and workshops; provides support to the Communications Committee to provide access to resources on the IHN website; currently working on enhancements to the LGHN Madrinas/Padrinos coaching program; develops conference sessions for presentation at the ICMA, National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA) and other national conferences; currently developing professional development webinars with NFBPA; and plans the annual dinner at the ICMA conference.

Assists the Vice President of Programs with the development of professional development opportunities.

Chair Maria Hurtado, Assistant City Manager, City of Oxnard, CA

Regular standing conference calls: Quarterly, 2nd Wednesday of the Month, 1:30 PM PST

** Subcommittees will meet as needed on projects/programs **


University Partnerships

The President appoints the chair of the committee. The committee is comprised of practitioners and academics.  The committee is developing strategies to increase the number of practitioners in the classroom and to increase the number of people of color in the local government profession.  In 2017, the committee is preparing a panel discussion to be presented at the NASPAA conference October 10-13 and the ICMA conference October 22-25.  Future presentations will include ASPA and NFBPA.  The committee is also working with NFBPA to identify mutual issues for research in partnership with universities; identifying IHN members to serve as liaisons to ICMA university chapters; and developing strategies to link students to the IHN Madrinas/Padrinos coaching program.

C0-Chair Magda A. González, City Manager, City of Half Moon Bay, CA
Co-Chair Daniel Alfonso, City Manager, Miami, FL


Executive Committees

Civic Engagement Recognition

The award recognizes individuals and organizations that demonstrate insightful and sustained change in their communities through inclusive civic engagement practices. The goal is to identify best practices for civic engagement in local governments.  The committee is comprised of three members selected by the board of directors.

Chair Claudia Lujan, Senior Human Resources Administrator, City of San Antonio, TX

Nominations Committee

The Immediate Past President or appointee of the LGHN President chairs the committee. The committee initiates the annual nomination and election process; identifies and prepares potential candidates for the LGHN and ICMA boards; assists potential candidates with preparing to serve on the LGHN and ICMA boards; submits the slate of officers to the board; and recommends candidates to fill vacancies that occur during the year.

Co-Chair Jane Bais DiSessa, Deputy Mayor, City of Pontiac, MI 
Co-Chair Magda A. González, City Manager, City of Half Moon Bay, CA