LGHN is seeking volunteers to serve on committees that focus on activities that further the LGHN mission.  Any LGHN member may serve on a committee.  Committees provide networking opportunities, skill development that enhances experience and opportunity to serve on the LGHN board of directors, and the opportunity to work with other ICMA affiliates including the National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA), National Association of County Administrators (NACA).  If you are interested in serving on a committee, contact Karen Davis, LGHN Executive Director at or 408-221-8458.

Professional Development Committee: The Vice President for Professional Development chairs the committee.  The committee provides for professional development in four areas:  1) oversight and enhancements to the LGHN Madrinas/Padrinos coaching program; 2) develop LGHN sponsored webinars and leverage webinars conducted by affiliate organizations; 3) support the development of regional/national events and workshops; and site; and 4) provides oversight for the LGHN biennial conference and develops conference sessions for presentation at the ICMA, NFBPA, NACA and other national conferences.  Chair: Aubrey Gonzales, City of Phoenix, AZ

Career Advancement Committee: The Vice President for Career Advancement chairs the committee.  This newly established committee will work with executive search firms and human resource professionals to enable members to develop skills in resume writing, interviewing, and presentations.  The vision is to create regional meetings, webinars, and one-on-one interaction so that members can increase their competitiveness and move into leadership positions in local government.  Chair: Paulina Martinez City of Evanston, IL

Membership Committee:  The Vice President for Membership chairs the committee.  The committee develops an annual strategy for individual and institutional membership recruitment and renewals; promotes and supports the creation of formal LGHN chapters; develops outreach and support to ICMA university chapters; develops and supports ambassador program for new members; and recommends annual dues structure to the LGHN Board of Directors. Bob Harrison, City of Yakima, WA 

Communications Committee: The President appoints the chair of the committee.  The committee promotes the organization through various outreach efforts, including social media, internet and printed publications; assists with the development of promotional brochures and other media to market LGHN; prepares routine communications to the membership; monitors and updates website with current information; works with other committees to develop enhancements to the website; and coordinates articles for ICMA newsletter, PM Magazine and other national publications.  Co-Chairs: Gabe Rodriguez, Adams County, CO and Angelita Palma, City of National City, CA

University Partnerships: The President appoints the chair of the committee. The committee is comprised of practitioners and academics.  The committee is developing strategies to increase the number of practitioners in the classroom and to increase the number of people of color in the local government profession.  The committee is also working with NFBPA to identify mutual issues for research in partnership with universities; identifying LGHN members to serve as liaisons to ICMA university chapters; and developing strategies to link students to the LGHN Madrinas/Padrinos coaching program. Co-Chairs: Jesus Nava, Retired, and Monika Hudson, Assistant Professor, School of Business and Management, University of San Francisco