Civic Engagement Award

LGHN 2018 Civic Engagement Recognition Program

2018 Civic Engagement Brochure

The Local Government Hispanic Network is announcing its 2018 Civic Engagement Award process to recognize individuals and organizations that demonstrate insightful and sustained change in their communities through inclusive civic engagement practices. The goal is to identify best practices for civic engagement in local governments, non-profits and through private sector partnerships, and showcase civic engagement best practices through recognition at events, written media, video, and conference sessions. A byproduct will be a database of best practices with contacts to assist local governments in adapting best practice programs in other communities.

Any city, county, non-profit and/or private sector partners may submit for this recognition.  LGHN is looking for organizations that demonstrate sustained civic engagement best practices. There are two award categories for local governments with a population up to 100,000 population and 100,001 and greater population. The process is open to LGHN members and non-members. Submittals should include your “engagement story” and how it has had sustained impact on your community. Your relevant “learning experiences” are an important component of the submittal.  These may include best practices that came from the process, adjustments that were necessary to keep the program on track, and advice for other communities that may want to adapt a similar program.


How to Apply

The timeline for submittals is as follows:

  • February 1, 2018: Issue call for submittals.
  • May 31, 2018: Deadline for submission.
  • June 2018: Selection Committee review of submittals; recommendations to the
    LGHN Board of Directors at the July 2018 Board Meeting.
  • September 23, 2018: Announce at ICMA Conference- Baltimore, Maryland.
  • October 26, 2018: Present award at the LGHN Biannual Conference.

Awards should be submitted electronically to:

For more information, please contact Karen Davis at


2016 IHN Civic Engagement Winner – City of Chandler, Arizona


Left to Right: Niki Tapia, Community Resource Coordinator; Council Member Kevin Hartke; and Leah Powell, Community Development and Diversity Manager

City of Chandler Application